Political Risk Assessment Company is on the Cutting Edge . . .

Publications:  Numerous articles published in journals, magazines and newspapers
Media:  Frequent appearances on national television and radio
Classes taught and lectures given at major universities

Why is there a need for a Political Risk Consulting Firm?
  • Incidents are becoming more deadly:
    Higher number of casualties
    More powerful explosives
  • Use of weapons of mass destruction:
    Risk of chemical agent attacks
    Risk of biological agent attacks
    Theft of nuclear materials
  • Increased diversity of terrorists:
    Groups in all regions
    Different motives and target
    Ethnic-nationalist-religious conflicts
  • Emergence of “smarter” & more creative terrorists:
    Sophisticated technologically
    Computer vulnerability
  • Political Risk is also a growing concern to U.S. and foreign corporations

    Emerging markets in uncertain political and social environments:

    – Foreign investment risks

    – Personnel security risk

    Impact of global political and economic developments
    on host government 

    Growing network of international criminal groups
    that target foreign businesses


    How Can Political Risk Assessment Company Help?
    • Identify and assesses emerging trends in terrorism and political risk
    • Determine strategies for reducing uncertainties in foreign operations and investments
    • Assess client vulnerabilities in high-tech sabotage and implement effective countermeasures
    • Design crisis management strategies
    • Examine the impact of international criminal groups upon foreign business activity
    • Identify potential targets for a terrorist attack and design contingency responses